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      江苏珅宝船舶配件有限公司(http://www.jssbcb.cn)成立于2000年3月,坐落于美丽的江苏泰州 市姜堰民营经济产业园,占地面积20000平方米,与宁靖盐高速公路梁徐出口处和姜堰出口数公里之遥,交通十分便利。公司拥有大型生产车间五间,铝制品、钢结构、绞车制作、软梯车间以及研发车间,设有仓库、食堂、办公楼。








Jiangsu Shenbao Marine Accessories Co., Ltd. (http://www.jssbcb.com) was founded in the beautiful Jiangyan Private Industrial Park of Taizhou, Jiangsu in March 2000. Covering a floor space of 20,000 square meters, our company is only several kilometers away from the Liangxu exit and Jiangyan exit of Ning-Jing-Yan Expressway, which endows Shenbao with each access to transportation. We are also equipped with 5 large workshops for aluminum products, steel structure, winch production, rope ladder and research and development as well as a warehouse, a dining room and an office building.

We are also backed up with 150 highly qualified staff members, including 18 managerial staffs and 6 professional research staffs. We have a total of 30 to 50 employees with junior college degree, bachelor’s degree or above. An organizational structure composed of general manager's office, administration office, inspection section, technical section, production section, finance section, outsourcing section, sales section and production equipment repair office is being put into place. Our workshops are taken charge of by the workshop directors, and rewards and punishments are also being offered in time, which help provide a complete organizational structure to ensure higher product quality. All our workers for the production line must have related qualification certificates before starting work.

Our company specializes in the production of various marine ladders (gangway ladder, springboard ladder, vertical ladder, inclined ladder, rope ladder, etc.), marine winch, marine door and window cover and other ship equipment series. So far Shenbao is equipped with shear folding machine, plasma cutting machine, vertical drill, radial drill, lathe, plane, saw, grinder, milling machine, argon arc welder, arc welder, travelling crane, working platform, gangway simulator stand, gangway module packing rack, gangway winch simulator stand and other professional production equipment, which greatly help ensure our effective production.

Shenbao has been adhering to the quality policy of quality first, customer foremost, continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence as well as people-oriented and a strong market forecast orientation. With science and technology playing a leading role, we shall keep improving our product quality to provide our customers with the highest cost performance and considerate after-sales service so as to ensure the maximum profits to our customers.

We have successively established a favorable partnership with Zhongyuan, China Shipping Container Lines Company Limited, Nanjing Tanker Corporation and a great many other large and medium-sized shipyards in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Dalian, Shandong, Jiangsu, etc. Up to now, our products have been sold in Singapore, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

Besides, we have been exercising strict quality control in accordance with the CCS and ISO9001 quality management system. Presently our products have passed the inspection by CCS, BV, LR, DNV, NK, RINA, PRS, ABS, GL, KR and other classification societies of different countries.

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Address:No. 168, Xinnan Village, Liangxu Town, Jiangyan District

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